Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Celtic cross, lyre and bundle of grapes; comparing profiles of Ireland, Greeece and Italy

Subida a la Acropolis
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Comparing Greece to Italy and Ireland via

1) All are democracies.
2) All have a high literacy rate.
3) Ireland has about half the area of Greece which has almost half the area of Italy.
4) Eire has about half the population of Greece. Italy has 6 times more people than Greece.
5) All have high life expectancies; about 76 years.
6) Rome & Athens have a similar population at about 3 million. Dublin has only a third of their pop.
7) Greece has the lowest PCI at $21000. Ireland and Italy are similarly well off at $32000 and $28000.
8) Internet access: Italian surfers diminate, at 18.5 M. Way behind them are the Greeks and Irish, with under 2 M each.
9) Today all are members of the European Union (EU). Once their currencies included lira, drachma and pounds.

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