Thursday, November 13, 2008

From Hibernia (the Roman name for Ireland) to Bavaria quiz

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1. The Deutsch Mark has been replaced by the
a) Euro b) Franc c) Pound d) USD.
2. The European continent is dominated by a) Asians
b) peninsulas c) Russia d) automobile manufacturers.
3. Bentley and Lotus are high-quality, snob-appeal vehicles manufactured in Germany for the wealthy class not only in Europe, but in Asia and the US as well. T / F
4. Stockholm, Denmark, is a great city of the region called Scandinavia, former home of the Vikings. T / F
5. Iceland is populated with migrants from a) Britain
b) Sweden c) Ireland d) Greenland.
6. A conception of what is artistically valid, beautiful, fresh or graceful: a) aesthetics b) stereotypes c) synergy
d) aegis.
7. For some 200 years the dominant ethnic group of the US was the a) European Catholics b) Norsemen
c) German-Americans d) Anglo-Saxons.
8. The term “United Kingdom” (UK) is a) ethnocentric
b) not ethnocentric c) Eurocentric d) not Eurocentric.
9. The category Protestant includes denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian and Unitarian. T / F
10. Morocco is included in the category of a European nation because it is separated from the Euros only by the Strait of Gibraltar. T / F
11. Germany is not included in the category of a European nation because it was settled by Celts and Asians. T / F
12. To reach Helsinki, Finland, by ship from London you must pass through the __ Sea and the Baltic Sea. a) Strait of Dover
b) Arctic c) North d) Gulf of Bothnia.
13. What European nation’s capital city lies at 60N, 10E? a) Sweden
b) Norway c) Denmark d) Finland.
14. Which auto company was founded in the Germany’s southern region of Bavaria? a) BMW b) Audi c) Volkswagen d) Mercedes Benz.
15. Which is more populous? a) Germany b) UK c) France d) Spain.

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