Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Germany in the 1930's: there were a few young anti-Nazis called Swing Kids

Germany by Lexi
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"You must learn to steel yourself." Frau Muller to her son in regards living under Nazi control.

Principal characters in Swing Kids . . .

Peter Muller, the protagonist
Thomas Berger, his buddy
Arvid / Hitmann, the crippled guitarist
Herr Knopp, Gestapo officer

See more at Imdb.com, the Internet Movie Database.

Can you see ways in which your personal struggle for independence is similar to the ways in which these guys tried to react to the Nazis?

- Is there a figure who represents the disappointing capitulation to conformity?
- Is there a character who represents the seductive but diabolical force of conformity?
- Which figure is consumed by fiery rebellion and unswerving opposition to the Nazis?
- Why is the Hitler Jugend, Hitler Youth Organization, so appealing?
- Verrator! Traitor! When a Jew or other anti-Nazi German is identified, they lose their property as well as their freedom. The Nazi party is partly built upon what element of human temptation?
- What themes of life are seen in the jazz music?

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