Thursday, November 20, 2008

Indie work: please submit it via

Seagate hard drive
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Rather than worry about storing your papers on your computer's hard drive or on flash drive I recommend using

In fact, for indie work I'm going to require that they be submitted on

1. The papers on Google are accessible to you - for editing or reference - wherever you find yourself.
2. The Google site becomes a digital portfolio.
3. Your teacher is aided by having all papers in one location.
4. Neither you nor your teacher will be able to misplace your papers.

Write it or copy it to your Google account and hit Share. Insert my email - - and a notification will be sent to me. I can view it, write remarks and give you a score - from any location.

If you have any trouble with putting papers or visual presentations on Google, email a classmate or me for help. It's easy once you are used to it.

And let's go over the comparison essay checklist while we're discussing indie work:
- Snaffy title and explanatory subtitle.
- Colorful opening sentence.
- Blend topics sentence for sentence. Thoroughly integrate the two stories.
- Documentation: use "according to" at the end of the first paragraph.
- Offer details - facts - instead of generalities.
- Do not worry about a clever closing.
- Proofread (GoogleDocs gives you auto spell check - use it) for grammar and awkward sentences.

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