Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nippon, or Nihon: the nation of Japan

Pictorial map of Japan
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Eat at a Japanese restaurant over the holiday and write about it for indie credit (put it in a GoogleDoc). Japanese restaurants feature Sushi and noodle dishes and Teriyaki in addition to a world of less-familiar dishes (be aware that sashimi indicates raw fish). Unfortunately, the average Japanese restaurant, such as Ichi Ban, is not as cheap as a Chinese place.

I have not yet been to Sushiko in the Louisiana Boardwalk. I'd like to try it. I regularly eat sushi made fresh daily by a Korean fellow at Brookshires. It's good. Freshness is a big deal with sushi; if you try it on a Chinese buffet it may be terribly disappointing.

Map of Japan

1. Honshu - the main island,
2. Hokkaido - the northern island.
3. Kyushu - the southernmost island.
4. Hiroshima
5. Nagasaki
6. Tokyo
7. Mt Fuji
8. South Korea
9. China
10. Sea of Japan
11. Pacific

Tokyo megalopolis

More indie work choices:
* compare the movies Not One Less and Gandhi.
* compare the cooking of China and Japan.

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