Friday, April 24, 2009

Wasabi & pickled ginger atop a California Roll sushi; the nori, seaweed wrapper, is inside the roll.

Nippon Review

1. Based on its ethnic demographics, Japan may be called heterogeneous. T / F
2. a) Hayao Miyazaki b) Osamu Tezuko c) Soichiro Honda has been called the Father of both Anime and of Manga.
3. The principal origin of the big eyes employed in most Japanese manga: a) Keene b) Disney c) biological studies d) Hollywood.
4. Which part of Tokyo is similar to Times Square?
a) Harajuku b) Ginza c) Geisha d) Sushi.
5. In Japanese, karaoke means “empty __ .”
a) room b) microphone c) orchestra d) head.
6. Most Japanese are able to integrate 2 types of religious practice into their lives: a) Hindusim b) Buddhism
c) Islam d) Christianity e) Judaism f) Confucianism g) Shintoism h) Atheism. Please pick 2.
7. Japanese graphic books: a) anime b) manga
c) Geisha d) sushi.
8. Japan’s 250-year period of isolation from the outside world ended about 1954 when US Commodore Perry brought US warships into Tokyo Bay. T / F
9. African-American population in the US is about a) 6%
b) 13% c) 23% d) 30%.
10. Japan is not an archipelago even though it has much tectonic activity. T / F

1. F, 2. b, 3. b, 4. b, 5. c, 6. b & g, 7. b, 8. f, 9. b, 10. f

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