Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Enriched geography requirements: one book per semester and a social studies project

Enriched geography has additional requirements: reading one book per semester and development of social studies project

Due Nov 30: Social Studies Fair project in Powerpoint-display form. Magnet SS Fair will be Dec 4.

Book reports due Dec 14.
Value of the Book Report: 25 pts., Soc Studies Project: 25 pts.
Students have a handout that needs a parent signature __ .

1) Reading and reporting upon one book - in each semester.
* choose a book based on your interests (ex.: soccer, dance, horses).
* book to be approved by your teacher
* Books for which a movie has been made will not be allowed.
* topic related to our study of Europe in first semester; related to Asia in 2nd semester.
* approximately 200 pages (teacher discretion)
* report will comprise 2 parts -

a) Graphic Book Report - Powerpoint style - that illustrates the region and issues addressed by your book. 8 images, each augmented with 3 bulleted items of explanation. Title. Bibliography. 15 pts.
b) Book Essay in which 3 incidents in the book are briefly described and explained in the context of one of the book's themes. 10 pts.
c) both will be submitted vis GoogleDocs.

Social Studies Fair Project -
* submitted via image-based report (Powerpoint-style) in GoogleDocs.
* purpose is to show fluency with the Scientific Method.
* student articulates . . .
- social problem
- hypothesis for solution to problem
- review of literature (find sources, read the articles and choose the part(s) that are relevant to your paper) that addresses the problem. The list of all articles read becomes your bibliography.
- conclusion drawn from literature review.
- bibliography.
- abstract, or half-page summary of entire project.
- cancelled: evaluation of one's own project - strengths, areas that needed improvement.
- grammar, spelling and construction.
- student need not build traditional backboard display unless teacher and student agree on an entry into the social studies fair.
- students may work solo, in a duo or a 3-person team. And, yes, there will be bonus points for those who can devise an international team.