Monday, November 02, 2009

Social Studies Fair Project guidelines reminder

Deadlines for the items required of students taking the enriched sections of world geography:
Due Nov 30: Social Studies Fair project in Powerpoint-display form. Magnet SS Fair will be Dec 4.
Book reports due Dec 14.
Book Report: 25 pts., Soc Studies Project: 25 pts.

Social Studies Fair Project guidelines -

* submitted via image-based report (Powerpoint-style) in GoogleDocs.
* purpose is to show fluency with the Scientific Method.
* format -
- social problem (ex: "dangers in texting while driving")
- hypothesis for solution to problem ("Laws proposed to eliminate texting while driiving")
- review of literature that addresses the problem (5 citations)
~ quotes from magazines such as Newsweek, Time, the Economist, etc.
~ quotes from newspapers such as the Wall St Journal, NY Times, USA Today, Washngton Post, etc.
~ quote from a book.
~ quote from an interview with a professional person or an expert.
- conclusion drawn from literature review
- bibliography: an alphabetized list of all the sources you reviewed.
- abstract, or half-page summary of entire project
- grammar, spelling and construction
- student need not build traditional backboard display unless teacher and student agree on an entry into the social studies fair.
- students may work solo, in a duo or a 3-person team. And, yes, there will be bonus points for those who can devise an international team.

* Students planning to enter the project in the Social Studies Fair must use footnotes (include a source for each fact in the body of the paper as in otday's Wikipedia) and MLA style (your English teacher will explain) in the documentation, or references.