Wednesday, November 17, 2010

England was part of the Roman Empire; they called it Britannia

In the textbook, World Geography, we read - on pp 278-279 - about the Spread of the English Language.

In our outline I asked each student to sketch a symbol to accompany each of the following -

1. Roman Empire (Triumphal arch, the Roman god Janus, etc)

2. Latin language (Roman numerals, a monk-scholar)

3. Roman Catholic Church (a medieval cathedral from the text book)

4. Anglo-Saxons (tree around which they worshipped, hooded Druid)

5. William of Normandy (Tower of London, built by William)

6. The English language (portrait of Shakespeare, Globe Theater)

Map of principal cities -
- London
- Oxford
- Cambridge
- Liverpool
- Manchester
- Edinburgh, Scotland
- Dublin, Ireland