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Reading and reporting about France in World Geo, pp 302 - 308

Taylor's in France
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1. Quick, if large, sketch: France and her 7 neighbors (include Britain). With color, labels and title.
2. 'Tis a hexagonal nation. Is America a parallelogram or a trapezoid?
3. Name the 3 bordering bodies of salt water and label them on your map.
4. Which 2 neighbors are reached by crossing mountains? Name the 2 ranges. Add them to the map.
5. The French are self-conscious - they have a strong national identity.
Which would you say has a stronger identity - Louisiana, Mississippi or Texas? Back your answer with a briefly stated example.
6. Compare the location of NYC to that of Paris.
7. The French believe that the best wines come from grapes grown in the richest soil. T / F
8. Compare Mt Blanc to Mt Whitney in 2 ways.
9. There are 2 names for the Mediterranean region of France - around Canne, Nice and St Tropez: the __ and the _ _ _ .
10. I would like to try a bowl of hot Marseille in a restaurant in the coastal city of Bouillabaisse. T / F
11. This river connects Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands: __. Add it to your map.
12. The ancient Celtic peoples called the Gauls were defeated and civilized by the __ .
13. Charles the Major, aka the conqueror and king, is also known as __ .
14. As a wine merchant, would you have rather lived in France before or after 1789? Explain briefly.
15. A certain number of Frenchmen grow up speaking German. T / F
16. The nation's most famous museum: a) Tour Eiffel b) la Louvre
c) Palais de Trianon d) Arc de Triomphe.
17. When a country nationalizes a business, that means the government takes up the ownership and administration of that business. Ex: the US Postal Service.
Across the world, nationalized industries include airlines, train systems and banks.
What is the opposite action? That is, when the government transfers ownership of a business to the private sector. ____ .

Due Th/Fri. 5 pts.