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The Yankee states and the Big Apple test / Trudeau

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The Yankee states and the Big Apple / Trudeau
All answers may be found in online notes, textbook and/or class notes and atlas.

1. One of these universities is not in the NE: a) Stanford b) Harvard c) NYU d) Dartmouth.
2. New England is a series of NE states that include a) Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey b) Rhode Is, Connecticut, Delaware c) Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York d) Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Is.
3. At Mondotrudeau we see that the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution and the Continental Congress was a) Philadelphia
b) New York City c) Boston d) Washington, DC.
4. The megalopolis of the NE comprises a) Washington, DC, to Boston b) Florida to Maine c) Baltimore through Philadelphia to New York City
5. "That clam chowder is buttery and sweet! I just have to say 'PNVNM!'"
a) Geico ad b) pneumonic c) PA to ME d) He must be from Boston because he likes bland seafood!
6. "The stainless steel cladding is ribbed and riveted in a radiating sunburst pattern with many triangular vaulted windows." a) World Trade Center b) Chrysler Bldg.
c) Empire State Bldg. d) Rockefeller Center.
7. Lies between Queens and Connecticut: a) Long Is. Sound b) East R.
c) Hudson R. d) NY harbor.
8. The run-down Manhattan neighborhood in which many poor immigrants (notably East European Jews, Italians and Chinese) got their start is the a) Upper West Side b) the Midtown area
c) the Lower East Side d) SoHo.
9. Four of the boroughs are located on islands. Name the two that share space on one island. a) Bronx, Queens
b) Brooklyn, Queens c) Queens, Long Island d) Brooklyn, Long Island.
10. In NY harbor are famous islands such as Liberty Island, Governor's Island and one small island which was a center for immigration: a) Ellis Is. b) Rikers Is. c) Hudson Is. d) Roosevelt Is.
11. The European explorer given credit for first examining NY harbor was a) Peter Minuit b) Giovanni Verrazzano c) Henry Hudson d) Duke of York.
12. The earliest site of European settlement in NYC is at the __ tip of Manhattan. a) Southern b) Northern c) Eastern d) Western.
13. Influential, wealthy part of Manhattan: a) Upper East Side b) Lower East Side c) Little Italy
d) Harlem.
14. The Erie Canal connects Lake Ontario, near Buffalo, to Albany, which is on the Hudson R. T / F
15. The Erie Canal created a connection to the Atlantic Ocean for only four of the Great lakes. T / F
16. The Erie Canal is associated with a) James Clinton Erie b) Tim Berners-Lee c) Henry Hudson d) DeWitt Clinton.
17. The triangular landmark in Mid-town Manhattan: a) Times Square b) Rockefeller Center c) Chrysler Bldg
d) United Nations HQ
18. Neighborhood northeast of Central Park: a) SoHo b) Harlem c) Upper West Side d) Chinatown.
19. Not an island in NY harbor: a) Ellis b) Liberty c) Staten d) Coney.