Friday, November 19, 2010

Nature trail hike on the perimeter of the Magnet campus

A teacher's point of view in regards the Magnet campus:

- North is the ridge which is the site for the VA Hospital and the Civil War era fortification called Fort Humbug. The cannons were bogus.

- West is the Stoner Hill neighborhood.

- East is the remains of the Bayou Pierre river bottom. Environmental advocate Jon Soul has identified the wooded area as a nature trail, historic trail (the site of pioneer Larkin Edwards' trading post, the first European site in the area) and educational resource. Montessori students have identified trees and shrubs on the trail as well as the birds that populate the area.

- South is the Coates Bluff/Olive St ridge. In this area is a historic cemetery - though one not maintained. The oak-covered hills and valleys constitute a hardwood bottomland.

- Adjacent to the tennis courts is a pottery class pit for firing pots in the Japanese, which is called Raku.