Wednesday, August 31, 2011

12 pt narrative project: A river ride down the MIssissippi Valley

On the river with a contemporary Huck Finn - the water journey narrative

- In your river-based group (either the Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas or Red)
- each student writes their own copy of the third-person story
- approx 1 - 2 pages typed
- each group will have one of the 5 tributaries to begin the journey
- __12_ pts, based on grammar, spelling and construction as well as descriptive detail (3 pts).

A story describing the trek down a river from the headlands of a Mississippi tributary to the Gulf of Mexico.

- first and last names of your classmates on the float party (1 pt)
- type of water craft chosen for the trip (1 pt)
- examples of the supplies packed away (1 pt)

- locations by which you pass - especially nearby cities and states (please underline each city and state) (5 pts)
- passage of time
- adventures on your way (at least 2) - dangerous snags (trees, lumber, structures) in the river? threatening barges? snakes? (2 pts)
- describe the Louisiana marshes as you arrive at the Gulf of Mexico (1 pt)
- apply a jazzy title to the top of the narrative (1 pt)