Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waterways and Louisiana Project: from the Red River to the Ohio

Students will create 3 maps in their notebook (one page each) to bring to class. Use color. ex: include a rim of color around pertinent states and portray each river with a colored line.
Give each map a title.
Sketch closely or trace from a Google map.

a) Louisiana`s rivers and large lakes.
Identify 5 principal cities, 5 rivers, 3 lakes and the Gulf of Mexico.

b) Shreveport and the Red River.
Identify 5 historic streets (Texas, Commerce, Market, Spring & Fannin), 2 bridges, CMHS, BAFB, La Boardwalk and the riverfront parkways.

c) The Miss Valley: Miss R, Ohio R, Tennessee R, Missouri R, Arkansas R, Red R.
Sketch and identify the 10 states which flank the Miss R.