Friday, August 26, 2011

Patterns in the lines of latitude: great cities

Latitude, longitude globe by trudeau
Latitude, longitude globe, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Students will follow lines on the grid associated with notable cities to see how many additional cities can be found near these imaginary lines.

1. Shreveport: 32N, 94W
latitude partners: Dallas-Ft Worth. Find partner cities in Arizona, California and Mexico.
- Continue following the 32N line across China, India, Arabia and Africa and list the great cities to be found. Example: Tokyo is 35N: that's close enough to be included in this list.

2. Paris: 48N, 2E.
- latitude partners include cities in the Czech Republic and Ukraine.

3. NYC: 40N, 74W:
- same latitude partners include a city in China.

4. Rio De Janeiro (in the southern hemisphere) : 22S, 42W
- latitude buddies include a capital in South Africa and a coastal city in Australia.

5. List all cities lying close to the equator.

6. Compare the number of cities in the southern hemisphere to those in the northern hemisphere: which has the majority?