Friday, August 19, 2011

Assignment 1: map of Louisiana's rivers, lakes & cities

Swampland: the waterways of Louisiana

For the next class, please trace this (or other appropriate version) map in reviewing the Bayou State's major rivers, lakes and cities. All work is done in the notebook and stays in the notebook.

Mississippi R
Atchafalaya R
Sabine R
Pearl R
Red R

Cross Lake
Caddo Lake
Lake Pontchartrain
Toledo Bend Reservoir

New Orleans
Baton Rouge
Lake Charles

Add a rim of color to the state outline.
Use diverse colors in plotting the rivers.
Neatly print identifications.

At the top, add a jazzy title. Use alliteration or colorful words to make a unique and appealing title.

At the bottom right corner, document the work by writing "Google Maps" - or whatever your source happened to be.

Print your full name in the upper right.

6 pts.