Saturday, December 01, 2012

Essay on the Crepe Myrtle planting

Descriptive essay in third person to be written in class.
12 pts.

- grassy turf
- Red River valley
- Bayou Pierre slough
- open field
- E wing
- Viking Dr
- Stoner Ave
- bags of Grow Mix
- top soil
- clay
- rocks, bricks, concrete
- shovels, one rake, one hoe, one post-hole digger
- garden hoses
- photos
- chilly, muddy
- shoes

Lagerstroemia, commonly known as crepe myrtle, is a genus of around 50 species of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs native to India, southeast Asia, and northern Australia, says Wikipedia. They are cultivated in warmer climates around the world. And are chiefly known for their colorful and long-lasting flowers.

- Trudeau quote.
- classmate quote.
- Grammar.
- Construction.
- Colorful opening and vivid title.