Monday, March 18, 2013

Field trip on the history and future of the Red River area during classon Wed, Thurs

Each student will have to read a brief presentation on a Red River-related topic as we trek by school bus from Hamel's Park / Spt Dog Park site to the Red River bridge and downtown. For a field trip permission slip, simply sign-in on a sheet in your student's notebook w signature and cell number. We will leave and return during the class period therefore students will not miss a minute of any classes.
WG. 2.1: Describe and categorize elements of the natural environment as belonging to one of Earth’s physical systems: atmosphere, lithosphere, biosphere, or hydrosphere.
WG. 2.4: Explain and give examples of natural and human processes that shape Earth’s surface and identify specific locations where these processes occur.
WG.4.2 Analyze the distinguishing physical characteristics of a given place to determine their impact on human activities.
WG.5.5 Explain how changes in technology have contributed to the spread of ideas and information throughout the world.
WG.6.2 Identify challenges posed by the physical environment and evaluate strategies that will allow humans to more effectively deal with these challenges.
The theme is the magical resource called water; in this case, the Red River. How does water affect the natural and built environments? Principal sites: - Stoner Boat Launch / Skate Park - recreation / parking / fishing - Railroad bridges, site of late nineteenth century transportation technology revolution. - SciPort parking lot, river side. Observation of bridge pivot and apparent displacement of the river channel. "Most of the riverfront is technically in Bossier Parish," says Cynthia Keith. - Art installations; silver buoy, esp. - Reflection on the steamboat days: mud banks, Commerce St, shanties. - The Barnwell Center: city property being renovated. - Red River bridge and narrow pedestrian walkway. - Under-bridge Red River Entertainment District. - Brief visit to high-tech office center, CoHab. 710 Commerce St - Festival Plaza: successful muti-use center. - Ogilvie Warehouse apartments conversion. - Reflections on riverside sites

Choose a topic. Present 3 to 5 facts on it. Source.

- Great Raft
- Caddo tribe
- Shreve Town
- Texas Trail / Caddo Trail
- Henry Miller Shreve
- Cane and Bennett's Store
- Mary Bennett Cane
- Lake St / Silver Lake
- North Louisiana oil boom
- King Cotton
- Louisiana timber
- US Civil War and Shreveport
- pecan orchards
- Railroads - Kansas City Southern
- Barksdale AFB
- Mayor Clyde Fant
- Hamel's Memorial Park
- Lemah, the Hamel's Petting Zoo elephant
- site of Spt Dog Park
- public art
- CoHab, high tech center, 710 Commerce St