Thursday, March 14, 2013

The tabla and sitar quiz

1. India is about 80% Hindu. There is a major minority, however, that claims some 13% of the population graph: a) Sikhs b) Muslims c) Tibetans d) Pakistanis.
2. Indigenous peoples of India: a) Dravidians b) Aryans c) Muslims d) Hindus.
3. Once an integral part of India, today this is a separate, neighboring nation dedicated to a Muslim population: a) Nepal b) Bhutan c) Bangladesh d) China.
4. Given the creative industries for which India and America are so famous, one would have to draw a close comparison between the cities of Los Angeles and
a) Kolkata b) New Delhi c) Porbandar d) Mumbai.
5. City noted as a software center: a) Bangalore b) Mumbai c) New Delhi
d) Madras.
6. The cuisine of India has absorbed influences from the regions in which you will find the cities of Mocha, Lisbon and Mexico City. T / F
7. Gold is the basic trade good that motivated Columbus to "discover" the Indians of the Caribbean. T / F
8. A direct neighbor of India: a) Sri Lanka b) Afghanistan c) Iran d) Oman.
9. The highest and most extensive mountain border separates India from
a) China b) Bangladesh c) Pakistan d) Afghanistan.
10. Highest number of human beings in the region: a) Delhi b) Bombay c) Calcutta d) Bangalore.
11. The sitar is a pair of small drums with metal bodies that can be tuned by tightening the leather straps that connect the drum head to the drum bottom. T / F