Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Artwork, schoolwork, photos: creating a Digital Portfolio of the 1st Semester

Applying for work or scholarships and special programs used to be a matter of paperwork. Today a digital application is becoming commonplace. Thus I require all my students to assemble a simple Digital Portfolio of their semester. The material to be collected is an assortment of school and non-school items.

Please ask to use the digital camera in C-4 to complete your First Semester Digital Portfolio.

Please include the following in your visual catalog:
2 photos of yourself (solo or with friends)
2 photos of school work
2 images of 2 different events in which you participated. Examples: Katrina refugee work, a movie, concert, church event, etc. Image may be downloaded from the web.

Include a brief explanation of each image.

You can use any software which allows you to mingle images and print: email, Powerpoint, Moviemaker (you can do it as short movie), Word, etc.

You must save it to a digital storage medium and present it to me for scoring. For instance, diskette, flash drive, or CD.

The idea is to make a record of your work that will be archival - that is, in stable digital storage. This prepares you to make not only a personal history but a portfolio for scholarship and job applications.

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