Friday, December 02, 2005

Huang Ho and Chang Ho: Yellow and Yangtze Rivers

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Empress Wu of the Tang dynasty (about 700 AD): the only female ruler of China, says National Geographic. She usurped the throne, Nat Geo says.

The Red Guard and the Cultural Revolution of the 1960's: the young radicals took over the nation and sent the professors, government officials and professionals to the fields and factories. They invited the farm laborers, factory workers and midwives and shaman into the halls of the professionals. China lost 10 years of its development as the fanatical reversal of occupational roles was endured. Today it is all considered a grand mistake.

Zhang Yimou was affected; he wanted to be a photographer but was forced to work in the fields of Shanxii Province for 3 years and in a factory in Xi'an for 2 years, his bio says. Later he used that background in making the movie Not One Less.

Independent work?
Write a comparison between 2 Chinese-American restaurants.

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