Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Digital Portfolios and the art of Photography: a lifetime skill and an essential tool in social science

There is an eye in my camera
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The score for the Digital Portfolio was the last grade of the semester (15 pts). The energy my students put into photography and online presentation skills was terrific.

Thus the second semester will open with skills and perspectives in photography. We will investigate the historical side - the earliest cameras and motion pictures - as well as the technical side - digital photo enhancement as well as storage. We will see the importance of photography in anthropology - investigations of disease, poverty, war, etc - as well as in politics (Ansel Adams and the national parks, Richard Nixon and the 1960 election).

You will learn to improve your effectiveness in
* composition (Get close!)
* lighting (Use side lighting.)
* photo essays (telling a story in more than one shot.)

We will look at video, too.

happy holidays!

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