Friday, December 09, 2005

Southeast Asia: Vietnam and its neighbors

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End of semester bonus point research and writing. With an emphasis on research and use of the blue essay guidelines sheets:
* Visit to Meadows Museum / 869-5169
* Visit to Bao Chau Asian Market, Youree near King's Hwy. And / or visit to the Vietnamese restaurant next door, Viet Coast.
* The classic movie of modern life in Taiwan (check its rating - I believe it to be OK for teens) by director Ang Lee called eat Drink Man Woman.
* Comparison of dogs with ancient Chinese origins: sharpei, chow, pekingese, lhasa, shitzu, etc.

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Digital Portfolio required at end of semester for 15 pts:
An alternative to storing your portfolio's photos and explanations on CD is opening your own web site. I recommend a free account on My students recommend There are many others.

On the introductory map of SE Asia:
* resources: gems, tailoring, tourism, fine wood.
* problems: drug cultivation, child prostitution, AIDS.
* wealth through manufacturing.
* totalitarian govt.
* Most populous Muslim nation, gorgeous beaches, music, fabrics.

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