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Deutschland: the general Germany quiz . . .

Rhine Valley
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Deutschland review / Geography quiz / Trudeau
1) The Rhine River begins its course through Western Europe in the nation of a) France b) Switzerland c) Germany d) Italy.
2) The Rhine flows north toward the North Sea. Its mouth is at the city of a) Amsterdam b) Rotterdam c) Antwerp d) Hamburg.
3) The capital of Bavaria must be the city of a) Frankfurt b) Berlin c) Munchen.
4) T / F Comparing the list of notable products from Italy and Germany leads me to conclude they are both leading nations in design and manufacturing.
5) Germany has had little impact on the US culture. An example would be that there are few German cuisine restaurants to be found in America. T / F
6) The WWII period saw a partnership, called the Axis by Americans, between Germany and another fascist nation: a) Italy b) France c) Austria d) Poland.
7) Olive oil, balsamic vinegar and espresso: while enjoyed across the globe these items originate with the a) French b) Germans c) Italians
d) English.
Write ‘a’ for origin in Italy and ‘b’ for origin in Germany:
8) Audi 9) Ferrari 10) Mercedes Benz
11) Porsche 12) BMW 13) Smart Car
14) Compare the population of Germany to the US: America is approximately __ times bigger in population. a) 3.5 b) 6.5 c) 10.5
15. One of Germany’s neighbors is the home of the Lego toy system:
a) Denmark b) Poland c) Austria d) Switzerland.
16. Name the German company that developed acetylsalicylic acid as a household curative: a) BASF b) Birkenstock c) Leica d) Bayer.
17. The swastika was a symbol of the Nazis for about 15 years. But for 3000 years it was a symbol for good fortune in many widespread cultures. Cite the culture with which it was not associated: a) Hindu b) Buddhist c) Christian d) Native American.
18. Name the American jazz leader who helped establish the big band era and was a virtuoso on trumpet: a) Duke Ellington b) Cab Calloway
c) Benny Goodman d) Louis Armstrong.
19. Gypsies were targeted by the Third Reich for extermination. The best-known Gypsy-born fellow of the era was the guitarist a) Charlie Christian
b) Les Paul c) Leo Fender d) Django Reinhardt.
20. Harlem is a neighborhood in the borough of a) Bronx b) Brooklyn
c) Queens d) Manhattan.
21. The Nazis were effective at building a type of super-patriotism. To convince the youth of the Nazi point of view they used exaggeration and fabrications. This is called a) propaganda b) advertising c) nationalism d) enthusiasm.
22. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was not at all a) socialist
b) German c) national.
23. Nazi Germany began its conquest of Europe with the nation of Poland, 1939. T / F
24. Copenhagen is a German city which is on an island in the Baltic Sea. T / F

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