Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More on the Semester Exam study guide . . .

Semester exam study guide:

atlas skills

I will expect all students to use their atlas. If the Rand McNally Quick Reference World Atlas has been lost, a replacement costs only $6 and will provide great value for the family as well as the geo student.
Students will use latitude, longitude, physical and political info and atlas-based inquiry skills in these questions.

Questions will be based on locations studied this semester. An example . . .
L’Italia -
1. Milano (symbol: Milano cookie)
2. Venezia (the gondola called a vaporetto)
3. Firenze (Florence): the Ponte Vecchio or a guitar w a Florentine cutaway.
4. Roma: the Roman Forum, the place where men argued the issues.
5. Vatican City: il Pape and the Sistine Chapel.
6. Napoli (Naples): the home of pizza and the Isla Capri.
7. Sicily: home of the Cosa Nostra.
8. Sardinia: the sardine.
9. Tunisia: Carthaginian general Hannibal atop an elephant.
10. Med: the storage container called an amphora.

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