Monday, May 07, 2007

Study guide for exam and update on grade averages coming on Wed.

Study guide for exam almost ready. Also will send home a fresh progress report. Please be aware that the exam counts as 20% of the semester grade as per the Caddo school board.

Exam will comprise 100 mult-choice questions.
Bonus credit - up to 10 pts - can be earned by a comparison essay.

Graduation is Sun, May 13, 7 pm. Hirsch Coliseum.

Guest speaker at 1:30 and 2:30 in PAC on Thurs: German immigrant Gisela Jungblud Lozada, a CMHS grandmother whose mother was imprisoned during the holocaust. Her presentation is A German Girl and the Nazi Era.

Tues. is Performance Day. Students who have a developed talent in performance art will be able to entertain their classmates during their class period in the PAC.

Independent work:
* quiche
* learning and playing bocce
* comparison essay on AIDS and the Bubonic Plague.
* model construction and research on Stonehenge.

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