Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Versailles, French kings and the French revolution

The Palace of Versailles, the Bourbon Kings and the French Revolution

1. Versailles is northwest of the city of Paris. T / F
2. The building of Versailles dates from about: a) 1500 b) 1600 c) 1700 d) 1800.
3. The gardens of Versailles are accented by some 1,400
a) trees b) fountains c) orangutans d) types of birds.
4. Louis worked on Versailles with some 36,000 laborers and scores of designers. He would work on the project about a) 20 b) 50 c) 75 d) 100 years before the palace was completed.
5. Between the King’s apartment and the queen’s was a fabulous hallway, known as the Hall of a) Mirrors b) Marble c) Candles d) Portraits.
6. Louis XIV spent a ruinous amount of the national budget on a) wine b) clothing c) travel d) war.
7. Louis built his social life around a) ballet b) art c) horse racing d) politics.
8. Though Louis XIV had numerous mistresses as well as a wife, he was not heterosexual. T / F
9. The Louvre and the Palais Royale were a) leaders of the revolution b) dance steps c) royal residences
d) fortresses.
10. Louis moved the capitol from Paris to Versailles because of the __ in Paris. a) impoverished mob
b) political enemies c) noise and smell d) lack of plumbing.
11. Louis was succeeded by his great-grandson, not his son, because his reign lasted some __ years. a) 22 b) 42 c) 72 d) 102.
12. The French Revolution upturned the aristocrats’ lives in a) 1776 b) 1789.
13. The revolution burst forth during the reign of a) Louis XIV b) Louis XV c) Louis XVI d) Louis XVII.
14. The first place attacked by the rebellious mob of the revolutionary wave was a prison in Paris called the
a) Trianon b) Bastille c) L’Orangerie d) Louvre.
15. The guillotine was used in the execution of nobles and priests and other powerful personages. Some __ were sent to their death. a) 40,000 b) 400,000 c) 4 million.
16. Executed because she was the French queen at the wrong time and wrong place was the Austrian-born
a) Madame de Pompadour b) Madame de Maintenon
c) Marie Curie d) Marie Antoinette.

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