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Africa review: Zanzibar & Ghana

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Africa review
1. Name the famous type of ship sailed on the Arab-African coast. Unlike the sail on a European sailboat, the mast and boom rotate as needed.
2. Since colonial times, this religion has been the dominant religion of Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa: __.
3. Religion dominant on the Swahili coast?
4. The language of the Indian Ocean coast of Africa?
5. Dye used in decorative hand painting in India, Arabia and Africa?
6. East African word for “friend”?
7. This vegetable has green, bullet-shaped pods. It is used in both Louisiana and Africa for thickening the soup or stew. Its name in Africa is “gumbo.”
8. Name the purple vegetable that in French is called aubergine (the vegetable and the color).
9. Sharply-flavored spice harvested by the Tanzanian girl froma tree on her family land.
10. Spice gotten by cutting tree bark into strips.
11. Piper nigrum is the Latin name for this spice; in the ancient world is was a very expensive commodity.
12. Ancient bowl and pounder used in grinding spices.
13. A rice dish with spices and vegetable as prepared by the family of Zanzibar.
14. Tasteless, potato-like root vegetable of Africa.
15. Two ways in which the East African eating habits were different from those of the US.
16. The tower aside a mosque which is used to call the faithful to prayer.
17. A madrassah is a school that most students attend after they go to their regular school. It is associated with which religion?
18. In a madrassah, what is the language of the lessons ?
19. What do you call a resident of Zanzibar?
20. Sizzling food is available along the waterfront in the evening at a place called simply the __ __.
21. East Africans use the winds that accomapny the rainy season, the __, to send ships on long regional trading voyages.
22. The most distant region region of the world for trade by East African sailors: __.
23. In Zanzibar we saw a family of several generations under one roof. Was it a patriarchy or matriarchy?
24. The girl of Zanzibar has a goal in media work. What does she hope to do as an occupation?
25. What do we call the indigenous languages of Kenya?
26. What is the indigenous language of NW Louisiana?
27. The girl of Ghana lives in the capital. The name of that city?
28. For centuries the people of Ghana were ruled by Europeans from the nation of __.
29. Europeans gave this part of the coast of West Africa a name indicating a valuable commodity: the __ Coast.
30. The dominant tribe of Ghana?
31. Cooking on an outdoor stove in Ghana is done sometimes by propane and sometimes a more ancient fuel: __.

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