Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blue Wildebeest in the veldt or savannah

Blue Wildebeest
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Wildebeest have been in East Africa for a million years, says National Geographic.

Since men were hunter-gatherers, which is quite primitive. Pre-farming.
Men did the tracking and hunting and tracking.
Women had the arduous task of digging roots every day and gathering berries and bark and boiling it all into a supper.

People ofter carry heavy loads by using a tumpline. Wikipedia says,
A tumpline is a strap attached at both ends to a backpack or other luggage and used to carry the object by placing the strap over the top of the head. This utilizes the spine rather than the shoulders as standard backpack straps do.

Tumplines should not be worn over the forehead, but rather the top of the head just back from the hairline, pulling straight down in alignment with the spine. The person then leans forward, allowing the back to help support the load.

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