Monday, March 31, 2008

Notes from day one, The Lost Boys Sudan

Save Darfur!

The bloody civil war in the region of Darfur, Sudan, is of passionate interest to your generation. TV, radio and sites such as myspace and facebook invite the young to contribute energy and money to stopping the mass muder in Darfur.

The Lost Boys of Sudan were made orphans by a similar conflict in the 1980's. Darfur is a more recent problem. The Lost Boys lived in the south opf Sudan, close by the Nile. Darfur is in the Northwest.

The issue? The Arabic-African government believes that a genocidal action against the tribesmen will improve the nation.
Solution? There is no easy solution.

- genocide
- ethnocentrism
- refugees
- acculturation
- subsidy
- POV (point of view)
- pseudonym

In today's footage . . .
- respect for the US.
- Christianity among the Dinka tribe.
- ironing and clean clothes important to these refugees.
- soccer, basketball, dance and singing.
- mud huts, no conveniences (ironing with coals in a metal antique).
- fuf-fu, flat bread.
- acculturation in Houston.
- factory work.

Santino gets a car and begins to drive. Will he pass the test to get a driver's license?

- Make a graphic of the journey of Peter and Santino.

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