Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Learning to learn

I Had a Guinea Golden
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Mult-choice, open notes and hand-sketched map tests on Thurs:

Are you learning to learn? How to make the system work for you?
Learning ...
- to read and print out the web site notes on a rgular basis rather than the last minute?
- how to analyze a mult-choice question? How to seek the answer in the text or atlas?
- how to write an effective comparison essay as indie work? How to turn your score into an A by bonus work?

This week's project of writing test questions based on Africa Unit notes was part of teaching you how to learn.

Current indie work:

- 2-minute documentary of basic life in this town.
Ex: watching the sushi chef make a fresh batch of sushi.
Ex: watching a competent musician rehearse.
Students who made a walk-around-the-neighborhood goofy video for laughs is a good idea. Get it out of your system by doing one that you can show to your friends. But please don't bring it to me. If you're wondering what kind of video to make, email me your idea and I'll give you options and guidelines.

- comparison essay on movies about Africa. You may use movies that are familiar, such as Lion King, but you will not get points for writing the first thing that comes to mind. Points are earned by using sources such,,
- comparing the fabric types and designs of textiles in Africa and in Asia.

- visual essay - powerpoint or photostory or video - on African musical instruments or on African fabrics.

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