Thursday, February 04, 2010

Climate change quiz, Th, Feb 4

Climate issues in world geography

1. Despite increasing talk about "going green," across the planet, environmental concerns are still taking a lower priority than ____ economic interests.
a) short-term b) long-term c) no-term.
2. Climate change specialists say that life will be more sustainable if we make a transition to renewable power. Which of the following would be in the category of renewable power? a) green-house gases b) natural gas c) petroleum d) hydroelectric.
3. Americans have enjoyed cheap gasoline and inexpensive electricity for a long time. These factors are based upon a) fossil fuels b) renewable resources c) Green-house gases d) fuel-efficient usage.
4. Americans have enjoyed cheap gasoline and inexpensive electricity for a long time, yet we have been guilty of releasing heavy carbon emissions. Today we have awakened to the way we've damaged the environment. America has successfully changed its ways so that the environment comes first. T / F
5. Developing nations such as China see the environmental and ecological mistakes that the US has made and are determined not to be guilty of the same errors. T / F
6. Some 80% of Americans' coal power comes from electricity generated in states such as Wyoming and Montana. T / F
7. The most powerful alternative to coal-based power plants: a) natural gas b) solar c) hydroelectric d) wind power.
8. Electric companies cannot develop coal plants that do not emit destructive levels of carbon emissions. T / F
9. US auto companies have been consistent in developing fuel efficient vehicles that have helped Americans who care about protecting the environment. T / F

10. Political polarization, one half of America refusing to compromise with the other half of the nation, is slowing the deleterious (negative or destructive) effects of pollution. T / F
11. Eating beef may indirectly affect the environment via the current farming practice of feeding cows upon
a) corn b) grasses c) fertilizer d) petroleum.
12. If Magnet students planted 3 acres of fast-growing trees, they might well be contributing to a) global warming b) rising sea levels c) corn production d) emissions of oxygen.
13. When biological systems remain diverse and productive over time, we say that the system is __ .
a) industrialized b) enriched with protein c) sustainable d) organic.
14. Inorganic nitrogen fertilizers are made by processing __ . a) coal b) petroleum c) corn d) volcanic rock.
15. As earth's ___ has increased, there has been a negative impact on the natural ecosystems. a) atmospheric layer b) population c) steel production d) garbage & refuse.