Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monuments of Paris & London: projects and quiz on Thurs

Monuments of Paris & London
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Due on Thurs:
a) Paris & London monuments quiz (15 pts)
b) Paris monuments project (5 pts)
c) London monuments project (5 pts)

Paris, additional notes -
Notre Dame - about 1000 AD. Product of Medieval religious devotion.
Seine - Flows to North Sea / Atlantic.
Eiffel Tower - 1895 - Built for World's Fair; a product of the Industrial revolution;
Gustave Eiffel.
Arc de Triomphe - Napoleon Bonaparte; about 1800; celebrates military victory.
Musee du Louvre - originated about 1000 AD as a palace/fortress. Louis XIV vacated the Louvre for the Palace of Versailles, some 20 miles south of Paris. In his move, he escaped the impoverished and bitter Parisians who had begun to gather threateningly outside the Louvre.

London -
Thames (timz); pronunciation a shibboleth. Flows to English Channel / Atlantic.
London Eye: Millennium project.
Globe Theater: 1600's; Shakespeare.
Houses of Parliament: formerly Westminster Palace. Has been Parliament since 1300's.
House of Commons, House of Lords. Big Ben is a bell tower as well as clock.
Tower Bridge: 1895; represents growth of London during Industrial age.
Tower of London: about 1000 AD. Famously associated w Henry VIII, who had 2 wives and numerous nobles executed in the Tower.