Friday, February 19, 2010

Second semester book report due Mon, Mar 29; value 20 pts.

Meadows Museum, Shreveport
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Second semester book report:

Please find a book
- appropriate for social studies and
- that relates in some way to Asia and
- on a topic that interests you.

- Bring the book to school to give me the opportunity to give it a visual check - before, after or during class.

Report -
- Google Presentation; share w
- 5 images representing the material of the book.
- 2 bullets of info on each image - based on what you earned from the book.
- 100-word essay - on a sixth slide - that explains the significance of a quote that you have chosen from the book.
- Snappy title.

10 pts on images.
10 pts on essay . . .
- Analysis
- detail.
- grammar, spelling.