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The continent of Africa, continent of Africa

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Africa review
1. Morocco: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
2. Ghana: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
3. South Africa: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
4. Nigeria: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
5. Sudan: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
6. Tunisia: a) Mediterranean Africa b) West Africa
c) East Africa.
7. Symbol employed by Mexican Catholics in prayer for healing: a) sudan b) relief c) slave beads d) milagro.
8. Moroccan traveler of the 1300’s who wrote a book of his extensive journeys: a) Ibn Battuta b) Richard Burton
c) John Speke d) Marco Polo.
9. British explorer associated with the search for the source of the Nile River. Was also an author and expert in languages of Africa and Asia. a) Ibn Battuta b) Richard Burton c) John Speke d) Marco Polo.
10. Tribe of Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast:
a) Kakuma b) Dinka c) Ashanti d) Djembe.
11. Tribe of the Nile region of Southern Sudan: a) Kakuma b) Dinka c) Ashanti d) Djembe.
12. Arabic is a major component of this African language:
a) Bantu b) Swahili c) Ashanti d) Wolof.
13. Which are the indigenous people of Zanzibar? a) Arabs b) Europeans c) Swahili d) Africans.
14. Sudan is divided in the middle by the a) equator
b) Arabic-Tribal border c) Nile River d) Sahara Desert.
15. The first outside group to trade with West Africans for gold, ivory and slaves: a) Arabs b) Europeans c) Romans d) Swahili.
16. Languages spoken by Sudanese refugee Peter Dut in the documentary Lost Boys of Sudan: a) Dinka, Arabic,
English, Swahili b) Dinka, Arabic, French, English
c) Dinka, Arabic, English.
17. The Dinka tribe of Southern Sudan were being persecuted partly based on their religion: a) Christian
b) Muslim c) Jewish d) Indigenous.
18. The African instrument described as a thumb piano
is also called a a) shekere b) kora c) bongo d) kalimba.
19. West African nation associated with freed American slaves: a) Ghana b) Liberia c) Senegal d) Nigeria.
20. A basic African dish which is a paste made by pounding a potato-like plant: a) banku b) fufu
c) plaintain d) felafel.
21. American mogul who has become a philanthropist with
a mission that includes infectious diseases of Africa:
a) Steve Jobs b) Sumner Redstone c) Bill Gates d) Dick Cheney.
22. Percentage of African-American population in the US:
a) 3% b) 13% c) 33% d) 43%.
23. A source for the mineral called ColTan, used in miniaturized batteries: a) Congo b) Egypt c) South Africa
d) Morocco.
24. River that originates in the mountains of Ethiopia:
a) Blue Nile b) White Nile c) Mountain Nile d) Victoria.
25. Lake that is the source of the Nile: a) Victoria
b) Tanganyika c) Tana d) Aswan.
26. Valuable resource that in West Africa and other regions has led to development of militias of child soldiers:
a) gold b) diamonds c) oil d) ivory.
27. Arabic vessel associated with trade across the Indian Ocean: a) dhow b) kalimba c) milagro d) brig.
28. Zanzibar was a historically independent nation; today it is part of a) Kenya b) India c) Dar es Salaam d) Tanzania.
29. Marine organisms that are important reef builders:
a) octopus b) lobster c) coral d) seaweed.
30. In geographic terminology the difference in elevation is called a) relief b) terrain c) irregularity d) ridging.
31. Peter and Santino left the violence in Sudan for a refugee camp in a) Kenya b) Tanzania c) Uganda
d) Nigeria.
32. A film that is based on actual dialogue and action that is captured as events unfold is called a a) drama
b) promotion c) documentary d) docu-drama.
33. The demographic rank of US city via their populations: a) NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston
b) NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston
c) Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Houston
34. The Indian Ocean trade route spanned India to Africa with __ in between. a) Persia b) Arabia c) Egypt
d) Afghanistan.
35. Elements of the Atlantic Trade Triangle, which resulted in a diaspora of African peoples, included West Africa, the US colonies, Europe and the __ . a) Mediterranean b) Arabian Sea c) Caribbean d) India

1. Mediterranean 2. West 3. East 4. West 5. East 6. Med 7. milagro
8. Ibn Battuta 9. Burton 10. Ashanti 11. Dinka 12. Swahili 13. Africans
14. Nile 15. Arabs 16. Dinka, Arabic, English, Swahili 17. Christian
18. kalimba 19. Liberia 20. fufu 21. Gates 22. 13% 23. Congo 24. Blue Nile 25. Victoria 26. diamonds 27. dhow 28. Tanzania 29. coral 30. relief
31. Kemya 32. documentary 33. NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston
34. Arabia 35. Caribbean