Monday, April 25, 2011

Asian festival a tribute to Filipino culture on sat, Ap 30, Aseana Gardens, downtown Shreveport

Bonus points when you write briefly about what you saw and tasted at the Asian Fest on Sat, Ap 30.

The theme of the celebration this year is the Philippines. Expect costumes, parade and delicious foods from the Filipino people of Shreveport.

Beginning at 9 a.m.,says the Festival, exhibit tents and displays will be open, arts and crafts will be for sale, and Filipino cuisine (including a lechon, or roasted pig) will be available.

At 1 p.m., the program of cultural events and activities will begin. Filipino folk dances will be performed and traditional fiesta games will be presented. Filipino Folk dance performances will include the Itik-Itik, Bangga, Karinyosa, Pandango sa Ilaw, and Tinikling. Philippine fiesta games like pabitin and basaging ang palayok will be presented.

The grand finale of the program will be the performance of the traditional Santa Cruzan parade. The “Santa Cruzan,” roughly translated “Holy Cross,” is the largest festival in the Philippines. It is also called the “Flores De Mayo” (Flowers of May), as the parade is a procession of beautiful maidens in fine gowns walking with escorts underneath a canopy of individual arches covered with flowers and elaborate designs.