Wednesday, April 06, 2011

'Nam: from China to the South China Sea

Magnet geography Vietnam by trudeau
Magnet geography Vietnam, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

1. Chronological order of the presidents: a) Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy b) Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ c) Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson d) Nixon, LBJ, Eisenhower.
Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford
2. President associated with escalation of combat troops in Vietnam: a) LBJ b) Eisenhower c) JFK d) Truman. Johnson
3. For decades Ho Chi Minh City was called a) Saigon b) Ha Noi c) Bangkok d) Angkor Wat. it was the capital of South Vietnam: Saigon
4. Vietnam is a communist nation today. T / F Yes.
5. He established the communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1945 and led the defeat of the French in 1954 at Dien Bien Phu. a) Truman b) Gandhi c) Eisenhower d) Ho Chi Minh. "Uncle Ho"
6. President who sent the first 35-man military advisory group to aid the French fighting to maintain colonial power in Vietnam. a) Eisenhower b) Truman c) JFK d) Nixon. Truman
7. President Eisenhower’s sense of the post-WWII dynamic in Asia: a) Geneva Accord b) Domino Theory c) “Win the hearts and minds of the people.” d) Gorilla in the living room.
8. European nation that was the colonial master of Vietnam and Indochina for some 200 years: a) France b) England c) USA d) China.
9. This river is like the Mississippi to the people of Vietnam and SE Asia: a) Chang b) Yangtze c) Tigris d) Mekong.
10. The Cambodian center called Angkor Wat has a background that includes a) Hindu & Muslim b) Muslim & Buddhist c) Sikh & Muslim d) Hindu & Buddhist.
11. Ho Chi Minh's capital for his communist forces: a) Hanoi b) Hue c) Da Nang d) Saigon.
12. Not an example of Vietnamese ingenuity: a) punji traps b) tunnel system c) rice paddies d) guerilla warfare.