Monday, April 25, 2011

Dishes prepared for geography class: a special experience

spring meal by trudeau
spring meal, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Geography class can be enriched by presenting a special dish associated with a particular nation.

But serving common food typical of the American experience of a nation is not worth our time. I.e., spaghetti when studying Italy or, when studying China, egg rolls or fried rice: not appropriate.

Nor do I see merit in purchasing a dish from a store or restaurant. No points for such an anonymous contribution.

Dishes to be considered for points in geography class -
- a dish that stretches student taste buds a bit.
- a dish that is made at home.
- that can be served cold.
- that offers minimum hassle in serving and eating.

A good example is a quiche from France or baklava to represent Greece or Turkey.

From Chinese cuisine I think Sesame Noodles are a good choice. You make the spicy sauce using peanut butter, spices and peppers. There are many recipes online.

Be sure and try the Sesame Cold Noodles from your favorite Chinese-American restaurant.

Each student must check the dish with me for my approval via an email to

There is no set day for class meals. Students may bring a dish on whatever day is convenient for teacher and family.

Up to 10 pts credit.