Sunday, April 17, 2011

From Tibet to the East China Sea: the Middle Kingdom, or China / quiz

China Quiz 1

1. What nation borders China and is part of the East China Sea coast?
a) Taiwan b) Vietnam c) Hainan d) Hong Kong.
2. Is Tibet a region of China or a separate nation between China and
India? a) Independent nation b) region of China.
3. Which is the great Chinese river of the north? a) Yangtze b) Gobi
c) Yellow d) Pearl.
4. "Not One Less" is a small movie by a famous Chinese director. His
name? a) Zhang b) Wei c) Li d) Chan.
5. Translate "Ni hao, wo jiao Ming." a) Hello, you look like Ming."
b) "Hello, you are very fashionably dressed, Ming." c) "Hello, can
you tell me where to find the WC on Ming St?"
d) "Hello, I'm called Ming."
6. The equivalent of the ancient internet was called the __ __. It
connected East Asia, the Middle East and Europe with trade goods and
cultural information.
a) Gold Road b) Tapestry Road c) Silk Road d) China Road.
7. West of Beijing, this city is the ancient capital of China: __ .
a) Shanghai b) Lhasa c) Ulaan Baator d) Xi'an.
8. Generosity for the public good, as shown by the manager of the
brick works in Not One Less: __ . a) philosopher b) philanderer c)
philanthropist d) philatelist.
9. The kind of person who says, "I just follow the rules." __ . a)
tenacious b) frugal c) bureaucrat d) practical.
10. Most populous city of China: a) Shanghai b) Beijing c) Peking
d) Guangzhou.
11. "Give me the money first:" a) Zhang Huike b) Wei Minzhi c) The
Mayor d) Teacher Gao.
12. Trade in Slaves, perfumes, spices, medicines, jewels, glassware
went west from Xi'an to a terminus in Iran before continuing to
Europe. Iran is the modern name for
__ . a) Iraq b) Persia c) Asia Minor d) Arabia.