Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quiz on all notes Chinese next class

Chinese flag by paul@home
Chinese flag, a photo by paul@home on Flickr.

Mult-choice, open notes quiz.

sample questions -

1. What nation borders China and is part of the East China Sea coast?
2. Is Tibet a region of China or a separate nation between China and India? See below.
3. Which is the great Chinese river of the north?
4. "Not One Less" is a small movie by a famous Chinese director. His name?
5. Translate "Ni hao, wo jiao Ming."
6. The equivalent of the ancient internet was called the __ __. It connected East Asia, the Middle East and Europe with trade goods and cultural information.

The formerly independent nation of Tibet has been a region of China
for some 60 years.
Wikipedia: "Today, most of cultural Tibet is ruled as "autonomous
areas" by the People's Republic of China."