Friday, May 27, 2011

Ni hau! Sayonara! Salaam! Shalom! Namaste! Ciao! A plus tard!

Fantastic Mr Fox, Shreveport  by trudeau
Fantastic Mr Fox, Shreveport , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.


Hope you spend a great deal of your summer in reading. Truly, it is the key to your future as a successful student and young adult.

One book to consider is the popular tale from Garth Stein called The Art of Racing in the Rain. It's about a guy, his car and his dog, says Wikipedia. The author will speak at Magnet in October.

Me, I'm re-reading the entertaining books of satirical writer Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, this summer. Books such as Slaughter House Five and Cat's Cradle are inventive and stimulating.

I'll be following the news via The Economist, NY Times, Newsweek, Time and other

One of my connections for new music is

Should you attend school on Tuesday? If you have a teacher who's made a special request for your presence, that would be one thing. Your parents might be, like, "You are (expletive) going to school, my dear!"

If not, spending the day reading or pursuing creative projects - a visit to a museum or art gallery, to ScPort, etc - would be my best recommendation.

Best to you this summer, mes amis!