Monday, May 02, 2011

Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden; which is which?

Saddam and Osama.

Which one was a Saudi? Which one was a general? Which one lived in Afghanistan? Which one was born to enormous wealth?


Saddam Hussein
- murderous military dictator of Iraq.
- kept the peace between the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq.
- tried and executed by the Iraqis for mass murder.
- threatened the US by refusing to allow weapons inspections.
- began his conflict with the US and other nations in 1991 by taking over the tiny but oil-rich nation of Kuwait.

Osama bin Laden
- born to wealthy family in Saudi Arabia.
- became a strict, conservative Muslim.
- fought with the Afghanis against the invading Russians (then the Soviet Union).
- helped found and funded the radical organization called al Qaeda.
- al Qaeda trained anti-Western terrorists in Afghanistan.
- the US believes the 9/11 plan was approved and funded by Osama.

From the Osama quiz above: 1.c, 2.a, 3.b, 4.t, 5.b, 6.d, 7.f, 8.a, 9.f, 10.t, 11.f