Sunday, September 25, 2011

Comparing Los Angeles and Chicago, Oct 3 - 4

Magnet fine arts / Chicago by trudeau
Magnet fine arts / Chicago, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Compare 2 cities using a graphic chart (10 pts)

1) Etymology of the names Los Angeles and Chicago. Explanation of the implications of that name.
Ex: The name "Chicago" implies a respect for indigenous cultures since it is derived from the Miami-Illinois language. Since it is a French version of a word from the indigenous people, we are reminded that French explorers and traders were important part of the early American landscape.

2) Population numbers and the industries that support the population. Connecting masses of people to the ways in which people make a living represents a higher thinking skill. List the top 3 industries listed for each city.

3) Geography and successful cities: describe the ways that location has enhanced the success of each city.
Ex: Look at the ships on your LA notes.

4) Culture: list 3 attractions (attraction: a visitor-oriented center for fun) for each city that help establish their differences. Ex: LA has Disneyland. Does Chicago?

5) Map: include a US map that uses color to spotlight the city. Use color to show lines of connection that illustrate extended trade.

- Smashing title
- Informal documentation.
- One sheet.
- Neatness counts.