Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mult-choice, open notes class notes quiz Wed-Th, 9-28,29

Prepare your notes on . . .
- Silicon Valley
- California
- San Andreas Fault
- Henry Miller Shreve, the Red River, Larkin Edwards & Bayou Pierre

Some 12 to 15 pts.

samples -

1. Which high-tech company is notably Not headquartered in Silicon Valley? a) Microsoft b) EBay c) Facebook d) Google
e) H-P.
2. Education - especially advanced study in a university - is the force that energizes the developments made in Silicon Valley.
Which university is farthest away from this region? a) UCLA b) UC Berkeley c) Stanford d) Harvard.
3. There is a Louisiana population in the Bay Area of San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley. Name the La-Cal connection that is more likely than the others. a) Af-Am residents of La and Tx migrated westward in the post-WWII years in search of better jobs. b) Oil fields surrounding San Fancisco Bay drew La residents who had background in oil drilling. c) Fine restaurants in San Francisco hired numerous Creole chefs from La.
d) Sugar cane and cotton fields around Oakland drew many La farm workers.