Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Talent Show meeting on Wed after school and Thurs before school

Class of 2015 Talent Show Info update on Wed after school (3:40 - 4:05) and Thurs before school (8:05 - 8:25).

This Oct 14 event is going to be one of Magnet's best ever!

1. Rehearsals require 1 week of after-school commitment.
Mon, Oct 10 - Fri, Oct 14. 3:45 till 5 pm. Presenting a quality show requires numerous run-throughs.
Those who need to leave earlier than 5 pm because of transportation considerations, please see Annie and Mr T.

2. Excellent behavior is required at all times. Whether in rehearsal or performance, I will expect you to respond to each other with kindness and consideration. Rehearsals are not a time to simply chat with classmates. All must be quiet and attentive to business.

3. Submit your theme ideas to Annie.

4. Script writers are needed.

5. Clarity of speech and vocal volume are priorities for MC's. Only musical performers will have mics.

6. As much as possible, students should make decisions and guide each other. I want this to be a show written, performed and produced by 14 year olds. Take this opportunity to show growth as independent young adults.

7. You may invite your classmates from other schools to attend the show. Make sure they are aware that their behavior will have to be first-rate.