Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spaceship Earth graphic project due Mon, 10 pts

Earth globe by planetaryvisions
Earth globe, a photo by planetaryvisions on Flickr.

Copy and print or sketch a circular earth globe that principally shows Asia, such as this example.

1. All sections lightly colored.
2. Identify Pacific, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea.
3. Identify China, Japan, N & S Korea, Indonesia and India.
4. Identify the equator.
5. Annotate the map with 5 factoids or mappoids of your choice. An ex: Himalayan Range, the Chinese region of Tibet, population of China, pop. of India, etc.
6) Documentation (Satellite Imagemap / for the one here) in lower right corner.
7. Print name(s), date & hour in upper right.
8. Jazzy title that includes the terms "spaceship earth" and "6.8 billion."
9. It will remain in your notebook.
10. Neatness counts - 1 pt.