Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Wadi quiz

Mecca May 2010 by HajUmrahDays
Mecca May 2010, a photo by HajUmrahDays on Flickr.

Wadi quiz

1) When the troops leave the wadi, the women watching them emit a high-pitched scream as encouragement. What is that called? a. ovulation b. ululation c. trepidation d. insubordination.
2) What small, Turkish-held city will be attacked by the combined tribes of the Harish and the Hazimi in a surprise raid?
a) Cairo b) Medina c) Aqaba.
3) This Turk-controlled city lies on what body of water? a) Gulf of Aqaba b) Gulf of Suez c) Gulf of Aden.
4) Lawrence is awarded the robes of a tribesman for his valorous service. Somehow, he finds the indigenous garments a) uncomfortable b) appealing c) murderous.
5) In the desert the Bedouins find a place surrounded by trees where their camels can drink. It is called an __ . a) aquifer b) fountain c) oasis.
6) What kind of trees are those - which thrive in the middle of the desert? a) coconut palms b) date palms c) oasis palms .
7) Days of WWI: From 1914 to __ . a) !917 b) 1918 c) 1920.