Saturday, January 28, 2006

Computers in the classroom: my students encouraged to use their laptops in my class, etc.

a leisurely afternoon at uni
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Listening to Student Voices - on technology:
Today’s tech-savvy students are
stuck in text-dominated schools
, says a report circulated by the Louisiana Education Newsletter (

My students are encouraged to use the classroom computers all day and, additionally, to bring their laptops to class. They can take notes, pursue research, email me their essays and help present relevant material to the class.

Lately I've found that the students using the front-of-room desktop computers are frequently pursuing personal email and checking teen sites rather than academic ones. I will hereby attempt to control those abuses by banning transgressive students from the computer privilege for one week. The qualifier will be "If I Have Cause to believe that you are visiting sites inappropriate to the teacher's academic goals and standards." You may check email between classes. You may ask for permission to email papers or images when needed, during class.

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