Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tiger Leaps in to the water! (must see large) I'm going to really miss these guys ;(

Today's essay quiz (Th, Jan 12):

Describing techniques in composition and lighting via a narrative.

Within the format of a situation in which you’ll be using your photography skills - at school, at a church meeting, on a field trip, at a game, etc. - describe how you will use 3 techniques of photography. Most importantly, describe Why you will use them and the Way in which they’ll put into practice.

* Titling: a) snappy title and b) explanatory subtitle.
* Colorful opening:
a) quote
b) description or
c) question.
* Grammar & spelling.
* Organization.
* Attribution, or documentation: “according to teacher Robert Trudeau."
* Essay 15 pts.

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