Friday, January 27, 2006

India: enormous forces at work in the vast, almost-a-billion people nation

Why is Microsoft founder Bill gates so concerned about India? As in a $100 million contribution to fight AIDS? Because Microsoft employs several thousand people in India researching and building digital product for the international corporation.

Our study of India will comprise the geological and physical sides of the Hindu-Muslim nation as well as its music, art and cusine.

Friday we began with our 1st sketch map and vocab:
* Namaste' is the Hindi greeting of India.
* Khaki, paisley and jodphurs connect with India.
* Monday we will use the taj mahal as a framework for our study.

Independent writing?
* Eat at India's Cuisine and write a descriptive essay. They're on Youree Dr, not far from CMHS. Google their web site for hours and menu.
* Or eat and write about Utsav, a fancier place for the cuisine of India at the corner of Bert Kouns and Fern. It is owned by CMHS student Shikha Saraswat's parents.
* Comparison essay on Larry page and Sergey Brin, Google founders.

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